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Lessons from the 2015 Investor Forum


The turn out for the private Master Class  session was incredible, a packed room full of like minded Real Esate Investors kept the session full of energy!




A new and imporived version of my Multi Unit Mastery Course will now take place at our office training center in Oakville, for upcoming dates and information, please visit the FREE Classes section my website and register by filling out the form.

Look forward to meeting you :-)

If you have any questions in the mean time, please feel free to email direct by visiting the Contact page here

Lesson 1 – The Hunger for Knowledge and Experience Never Ends

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a book and educational course junkie..

I would venture to say, many of you are too

When I started my journey, I spent most of my free time reading, listening to audio couses on CD’s (Yes CD’s!) and attending weekend courses all over North America. Now that I think back, I was usually one youngest people in the room and was definitely out of my comfort zone.

It was amazing for me to see many seasoned Real Estate Investors, with experience in Student Rentals, Rent to Own Properties and Multi Family attend my course. Some of these guys and gals have been around much longer than I have..

At first, It was a point of pride for me. It felt good to know that experienced Real Estate Investors in Ontario valued my information, knowledge and experience.

As I pondered this some more I realized that over the last few years, as my portflio and business has grown and my life become busy coaching and advising Investors, I have spent much less time educating myself. Not just in Real Estate Investing, even on a personal level, the time I spend on personal growth has dwindled severly.

Although I still have my coaches and mentors for my business, I believe each of us are solely responsible for our own personal and business growth. This fundamental principal is not a new one, with the “busy-ness” I experience in my day to day life sometimes even I need a harsh reminder.

Since this re-ephinany, I have made a re-commitment to allocate a set amount of time each month for my own personal growth.

This month, I am studying material from Perri Shawn in order to improve on my coaching skills and ultimately see even better results from my coaching clients.

It’s time for me get “un-comfortable” again to promote further growth

Please take the time to evaluate your own personal goals, where does INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF fit into your busy schedule?

Paul D’Abruzzo

The CashFlow Engineer

PS – I am a Real Esate Investment Advisor and Coach, I specialize in turning your  Real Estate Investment goals and aspirations in Real Life Results you can see and feel. We believe the A-Z approach is most effective with Real Esatate Investment. My team and I are licensed Sales People in Ontario and regularly represent Investors across Ontario with acquisitions and sales in the market place. For questions or immediate assistance  with a property please visit the contact page and fill out the Form


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